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Are you in a hurry and need your SEO Keyword Research done fast? No problem, I’ll send you the list of keywords within two (2) business days.

I will perform keyword research for your site and deliver a list of 200-300 handpicked keywords with search volume and low competition. I’ll also provide a list of article/blog topics where these handpicked keywords are grouped into Content Clusters to optimize your site and allow you to rank faster on Google.

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Are you in a hurry and need your SEO keyword Research done fast, but you just don't have the time to do it?

No problem – I can help! Let me know what your business is about, what keywords you need to be researched (or the general theme on your site), who your niche colleagues are, share your website URL, and I will send you the list of keywords within two (2) business days.

What's included in the SEO Keyword Research Services?

The SEO Keyword Research Services include:

  • A list of 200-300 handpicked keywords and phrases related to your topic or business has search volume and low competition. For each keyword, you'll get information on the average monthly searches, how easy it is to rank for the keyword, and the average CPC (Cost Per Click) if you were to pay for Google ads.
  • A list of pages/articles/blog posts topics where these SEO keywords are grouped into page themes to maximize the number of keywords each article/blog post can rank for. The amount of page themes depends on the relevance of the identified keywords, but it is generally between 20-30 topics (sometimes more).
  • You'll also receive suggestions on how to interlink the pages (and link to already published content on your site if applicable) to build site authority faster.

My Keyword Research Process at a Glance

When you've ordered and paid for the SEO Keyword Research Services, you'll receive a link to an intake form where I ask you a few questions about your business (like the seed keywords you want to rank for, who you consider being your niche competition, etc.). I also ask for the URL to your website in the form.

When I receive the completed form from you, I first do a deep dive into your website to familiarize myself with the content, the topics, and the structure. This helps me identify which keyword phrases you could realistically rank for.

Then I'll do a competitor analysis to understand your competitive landscape.

Equipped with all this data, I'll get to work searching for the keywords and keyword phrases that are the most relevant and effective for your business. I use different SEO tools and other research strategies to handpick and curate the best possible keyword list for you, with the highest search volume and easiness of ranking. Rest assured that this is not just an autogenerated report.

Once I'm satisfied that I've picked the best keywords for your business, I'll group these into Keyword Clusters so that each of your articles can reach a wider audience and drive even more traffic.

In addition, I also outline how you should interlink these articles (including those you've already published) to improve your domain authority quicker.

Delivery time

The express delivery time is two (2) business days from when I received the completed intake form.

If you're not in a hurry but want help with SEO keyword research, sign up for the service.


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