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Then you're in the right place!

Then You're in the right place

Topic clusters are an incredibly powerful SEO strategy, focusing on creating a broad range of content that all links back to a main ‘pillar' content piece.

It’s designed to cover all search intent areas, the awareness as well as the buyer’s journey (and if you haven’t got a clue about what I’m talking about – don’t worry, I’ll explain EVERYTHING in the challenge).  

Not only will this allow you to provide more value to your readers, but it also tells search engines that you're a reliable and comprehensive source on your chosen topic.

Sounds awesome, right?

During 5 Action-Packed Days, You'll…


Uncover the strategy

Grasp the concept of topic clusters and why they can be one of the most valuable tools in your SEO toolkit.


Select the topic

Become a pro at picking ‘pillar' topics and relevant subtopics that align with your blog and captivate your audience.


Map out the cluster

Master the art of crafting a content map that turns a fleeting visit into a binging session.

By the end of this challenge, you'll have a solid understanding of what topic clusters are and how to use them. You'll have identified the perfect ‘pillar' topics and related subtopics for your blog and created a content map designed to keep your readers hooked.

And most importantly, you'll have taken a major step towards leveling up your SEO game, setting your blog on the path to greater visibility and traffic.


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This challenge is designed with you in mind, aiming to equip you with the vital SEO skills needed to elevate your blog.

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