Done for You SEO subscription

You'll do the writing, I do the SEO'ing

With my done-for-you SEO service, you can focus on your writing and money-generating activities while I focus on optimizing your site, providing you with curated keywords so that you can write at least 10 new posts per month, and I also help you with all onsite SEO.

two women collaborating on seo

How it works

What's Included In The Done-For-You SEO subscription


The first months of us working together, I'll do a deep dive into your site and check your on-page SEO, off-page SEO and keyword rankings, and guide you through the updates that I recommend that you'll make, so that you're site is fully optimized.


I work with you to come up with a content strategy for how to lead your ideal client to your paid offer with specifically written blog posts (that I help you outline), and leverage the traffic you're already getting.


Throughout our collaboration, I monitor the data for you and help you optimize the posts based on data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console, so that you’ll end up with a fully functional, high converting customer journey.


We'll jump on zoom once a month for a 30-minute meeting to create a game plan for the upcoming month and ensure we are aligned on your priorities and needs for your site.

How to get started

Complete the application form​

Start by completing the application process which enables me to do a review of your site, what you like help with and formulate a plan if and how I can help you.

We'll have a chat

Once I've looked through the information you've provided and reviewed your site, we'll have a quick chat (either via messenger or zoom) to talk about what a collaboration could look like.

Start the collaboration

If everything sounds good to you, the only thing remaining is to start the collaboration.

Spaces are limited

Since this is a hands-on service, I can only work with a limited number of clients concurrently, so if you’re interested in this service, I encourage you to submit your application today before I’m fully booked.

I have availability to take on 10 3 more clients.

Your Investment